Prune jerky

food dehydrator

We purchased a food dehydrator recently. The thing is nothing more than a few stackable trays with a blow dryer to dry stuff. You can dry veggies, fruits, herbs and flowers.

prune jerky

In this experiment I tried to make healthy candy. I mashed a kilogram prunes in a food processor and added agave to sweeten it a little. A night in the dehydrator and voila!
Ande loves them.

Motorbike passion

I want a new bike. It is just too fantastic to drive one. Let’s recap on my former bikes.

Honda CBX550F
This is my first bike; a Honda CBX550F. After buying it from a garage I found out they forgot to fill up the engine oil. So within the hour it seized up. They fixed it and I drove happily on it. I crashed and totalled it. Broke a few limbs along the way.

Yamaha FJ1200
The Yamaha FJ1200 has been the most powerful motorbike up to date. A wonderful drive. I sold it when I went to Papua New Guinea.

Back in the Netherlands I bought this Kawasaki ZX6R600. Never should have bought it. I wanted to use it as a commuting bike. It failed soon after I bought it. It couldn’t stand the long distances and started to accelerate weirdly and even though I brought it to the garage several times; it never got fixed properly. So I sold it.

Honda CB750
When I bought this bike I went back to my beloved naked bike passion. Black color; just perfect. But after some time this bike started to behave funny as well. When I wanted to accelerate it just felt like it didn’t have any power. It felt like driving a moped.

For some time I have been considering buying a new bike. After the last debacle I decide to buy a new one. But I don’t like the appearance of the new bikes. But after some looking around I found a black naked bike again. It’s a Yamaha XJR1300 the 2012 model. It has been the property of its first owner and he bought it in 2015. The bike had been in storage before that. Tomorrow I’m going to have a look.

yamaha XJR1300

Let’s see if it’s really a good one…

Music box made out of wood

I pulled a broken wind up music box out of a stuffed penguin.

music box 1

It was broken because some plastic part was rubbing against some other plastic part. So I cracked open the cover and by doing so I fixed it.

music box 2

So then I thought of putting the little wind up organ into a hard wooden box. So I took a router…


and milled out two equi sized hard wooden boards.

music box 3

Glue up

music box glue up

Glue up finished. Now the tedious sanding and hard wood polishing starts.

finished glue up


I decided to change the button. Heleen said it looked to clunky and she was right.


Recent projects

I’ve been upping my production of projects made (mostly) out of wood. It has been an excellent experience so far. As with all good projects lots of stuff went wrong.

Tumble dryer/washingmachine stand
The washing machine was creating some serious racket upstairs in the attic. We wanted to move it to the garage and add a tumble dryer. This stand is made out of chipboard and covered with polystyrene boards on the inside to insulate against cold.


Bolt lock
A particular aspect of locking the insert door of the washing stand into its position is this locking bolt. The bolt slides up and down. The top is beveled so it’s easy to slide the bolt over the door.


Suspension hook
I made this suspension hook to lift up our racing bikes. This is going to make maintaining and storing them easier. Now to find a way to create a pulley.



Exhaust system
This is a future idea. I recently purchased this table saw.


It needs an exhaust system to get rid of the saw dust. I’m using an old vacuum cleaner at the moment, but this isn’t working. The sawdust is clogging up its filters and it’s not very strong. A dad of a friend of mine had an old Vorwerk Kobold vacuum cleaner lying around. This cleaner has got a metal propeller and seems to have some serious suction going on. The thing is forty years old!


I’m going to build a filter box so sawdust can be deposited into it and air can flow through. If this doesn’t create enough suction I’m going to resort to a more powerful electromotor.

Not much to talk about

I don’t know. There’s not much to talk about. A week ago I decided to lease this domain for another year. Even though I’ve noticed running your own domain always keeps you busy and I’m not interested anymore. But I do not know an acceptable alternative.

Maybe there is some stuff I can talk about. If I just keep tapping my keyboard something’s bound to appear on the screen.
Coming 15th of december I’m turning 40. It ain’t a big deal. One of my best buds Tim (know him for some 30 years now) has turned 40 last week. Last summer he proposed we’d go to Berlin to look back at our first 40 years and plan the second one.

small beer

The first beer made short work of looking back. When the second beer came we were having a lot of fun.

So what is there to look back upon? I’m using the balance model of Nossrat Peseschkian to get things in perspective.

Work and finance
- Successfully started my own business.
- Enough money at the moment to do what I want.
- Organizing a workshop coming December on the topic of meaningfulness.
- Four workdays; Monday's and Thursday's are hectic.
- Hard to keep my schedule on time so no client has to wait on these days.
Family and social contacts
- Lovely partner and two kids. The last one is only three months old and fast becoming a member of our family. But a baby is hard work nonetheless. Every week we see our family as they are babysitting our children on Fridays.
- Friends are in the fridge. Once every two/three weeks I join them in a pub.
- Total social and cultural withdrawal. No news, no social media, no concerts, no bands, no theater, no political interest and tv. When our number two child gets settled in I'll be picking up culture once a week with my partner.
- Pretty good. Some minor issues like some back pain and shoulder problems. Nothing a friendly osteopath couldn't fix. And of course I need to mention 10 kg pregnancy fat soon to be lost.
- Twice a week - five hours in total - acrobatics.
- Relaxation is found in creating projects in my garage mostly using wood.
- Beer has been tasting great again for the last year or so, but only in the weekends.
- Nutrition is still good. Muesli in the morning, homemade salads during lunch and I cook fresh food every day.
Consciousness and culture
- Family is the most important thing I have right now. Being healthy physically and mentally is paramount. If it means changing jobs or leaving this country; so be it. My partner might not be so resolute.
- Although I withdraw from all the craziness that seems to be this world I do care; a lot. In time when my kids have chosen their own way I wouldn't be surprised if we would decide to try out developmental work again. But small and on my own terms.
- The future will hold things like sweat lodges, barefoot running and camping in the wilderness.
- Being of help to people with very difficult and severe health issues is something I see myself doing for a long time.

Draw your own conclusions.

An interactive bed

I always thought one has to have proper tools, good planning and a head for math in order to do some proper tinkering. Slowly I’m finding out this is not the case. You can wing it on intuition. I’m made some wood projects in the past just by feeling my way through them. And now I’m going to do a big one. Tomorrow I’ll be getting a heavy wooden bed. Last weekend a neighbour gave me a huge wooden cabinet. And to top it all of; yesterday I bought an Arduino One.


All together it’s going to be an interactive bed for Ande.