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After this weekend

I felt like a veteran cycling the Amstel gold race. This was ridiculous since it was only the second time around, but it felt like my body knew what to do. The race was nice and comfortable, even though a terrible downpour made the last 20 km feel more like swimming instead of cycling. Thanks to my teammates from the Kelme group. They are not only a good laugh and a good conversation; they have a formidable team spirit. Some of the members had punctures (including me) and it is their way to wait for everybody. This is very insuring and supporting.

After a good night’s rest Heleen and I left for Amsterdam to have a conversation with NZ locums. A lot of information came our way (which I can’t all recollect, but will come up in the course of time if we go through with this plan). There is a lot to think about and even more to muse about. One thing was for sure though; Heleen and I both left the conversation with a spring in our step and a step closer to living abroad.

First day at my new work

Exciting stuff. Tomorrow is my first day at my new workplace in Apeldoorn (changed the tagline already). I’ll start at 10.00 am and work until 08.00 pm. A rather long day. I’m very excited.

As I’m staying in Eva’s room she told me to do this thing…what’s it called again? Cleaning I think. Funny activity that is. Vacuum, swipe and wash only to make it dirty within a week again. Lovely activity though; while doing it, it cleans up ones head as well. I think I’ll keep on doing it.